Adrenalinové BIO na Vzduchu. 2 krátké filmy a k tomu after party s účastníky Mongol Rally. dj SENSEI, Film Mongol Rally Wild Rides, Film Mongol Rally X, dj Voita

Út 18.07. 21:00

Mongol Rally + afterparty @ BIO na Vzduchu

19:00-21:00 Dj Sensei (reggae)

21:00 Film Mongol Rally Wild Rides
Every Summer hundreds of brave teams thunder across mountain ranges, deserts and open steppe in persuit of glorious mayhem. Now you can enjoy the epic tale of stand up comic Buddy taking the legendary rally to a whole new level of stupidity. With no car and no lift arranged out of London, he hitchhikes, crawls, begs and scrapes his way to Mongolia entertaining the teams and locals along the way.

22:45 Film Mongol Rally X
A combination of 240 teams, some small cameras provided by JVC and 10,000 miles of Adventure. Cameras were distributed among a select amount of teams who all submitted their footage to create Mongol Rally X. Follow the story of three teams from the 2013 Mongol Rally as they make their way across borders and the disaster that is the road ahead.

23:00 Dj Voita (BreakFunk)